The privileged location of The Ang Thong Hotel gives easy access to an infinite list of activities available in the area. Vacationers can   shopping, golfing and much more. Hotel staff is well prepared assisting guests make all the necessary arrangements to get the most out of their expeditions.

The Royal Palace
The former palace of the kings of Luang Prabang is now a national Museum. This is where the Pra Bang, the symbol of the city, is kept all year round. Also noticeable is a collection of antique Buddhas from the 15th and 16th centuries, bronze drums, elephant tusks, golden artifacts and royal swords. The throne room is decorated with glass mosaic, walls and ceiling, in the same style as Vat Xieng Thong. You can also admire nice murals paintings depicting the daily life in Luang Prabang during the old regime and some giant portraits of the last royal family. Last but not least, a room where the gifts from foreign delegations to the ex-kingdom of Laos are on display.

Mount Phousi
Mount Phousi is the holy mountain of Luang Prabang. At the top sits the 20 m high That Chomsi Stupa. The view from the top is awe-inspiration. You have a 360 degree view of Luang Praabang and the surrounding countryside as well as the confluence of the Mekong and Khan Rivers. Visit at night for the most breath taking sunsets you have ever seen. The way up can be tiring and may require a rest stop but it is worth every one of the 328 steps you must climb.

Tad Sae Falls
Quieter and less well-known than Kuang Si, these falls are very pretty, with many small waterfalls and pools for bathing. During the peak of the dry season there is very little water, so these are best seen during the wet season.

Ban Phanom
Better known as the village of weavers, the inhabitants here have been making silk and cotton fabrics for over three centuries. The full cycle of silk production is on display, from breeding the silkworms right through to weaving the fabric. A shop sells the finished products: bolts of cloth, items of clothing, mementos, handicrafts and gifts.

Golden City Temple ( Wat Xieng Thong )
Laos’s most enchanting temple was built in 1560. A truly beautiful temple especially the delightful mosaics depicting the tree of life and other aspects of daily life. Lovely temple with outstanding views the place to be at sunset. This is one of the most beautiful-Buddhist temples anywhere. Very beautifull and worth spending a few hours there. Read about it first to make your visit even more worthwhile.

Pak Ou Caves
Travel on a slow boat on a full or half-day excursion to the famous "Buddha caves". Guests on the full-day tour will also visit three villages; Ban Chan which is famous for its pottery, Ban Xang Khong well regarded for paper making and weaving, and Xang Hai which produces the famous lao lao whisky.

Luang Prabang Golf Club
is a world-class premier golf course located in Luang Prabang, Laos, a UNESCO World Heritage town, only a 10 to 15 minute drive from the town centre or from Luang Prabang International Airport.

Kuang Si Waterfall
Just a short ride away from Luang Prabang is this beautiful waterfall. In the wet season the water tumbles down the staggered cliffs for 60 metres, finally crashing into the clear, azure pools below. Beautiful for picnics, the water spray keeps the area cool and the pools are popular with swimmers.

Ban Xang Hai
This village is home to a rice wine distillery. Villagers make a potent but smooth liqueur, widely available in the region, known as lao-lao. Visitors are welcome to try the various wines and spirits and are encouraged to take away with them a jar of 'snake liqueur' which is, as one might expect, a glass bottle of lao-lao with a snake curled up in the base.

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